Tiny Tots are ages 3-5
Juniors are ages 6-8
Seniors are ages 9+ 

Jazz - a fun, energetic, showy stage style loved by all! Think leaps, kicks, turns, jumps, sass, style and energy! 

Tap - Make music with your feet! We use the Al Gilbert Tap syllabus, combined with fun combinations, clapping, stomping, and lot's of rhythm exercises. 

Acrobatics - Similar to gymnastics but with more dance and play! I am a qualified Acrodance teacher through Acrobatic Arts. Safety is paramount in my classes. Students will learn how to safely cartwheel, handstand, headstand, tumble, back bend and so much more. Dance is also incorporated into the acrobatic classes and routines. 

Lyrical - adopted from ballet, with hints of contemporary and jazz. A beautiful style that emphasises emotional expression. 

Hip Hop - Fresh, funky and heaps of fun! 

Tiny Tots Jazz/Tap - The Tiny Tots Jazz/Tap class is a combination class with 30 minutes of Jazz Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap. This is a super fun class with lots of imaginative play. 

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