Here's some important info about fees, registration and studio policies

All dance class fees are paid per term, upfront at the beginning of the term.

Class fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred or 'saved for a later time'. Refunds/credits are not given for missed classes unless under special circumstances such as emergency surgery or a family emergency. 

Please refer to the 'Pricelist' page for details on class costs. 

There is an annual registration/insurance fee of $50 payable at the time of enrollment. This is valid for the current year until December. LNDA has premium insurance cover for all students, to give you peace of mind. 

At LNDA we have a class shirt, which all students must wear. This costs $30. 

Each year, LNDA has a large-scale production, usually on the second weekend of December. Students perform the routines they have learnt throughout the year and each routine requires a costumes. These costumes are $65 each and are absolutely amazing! Usually the costume fees are due in August. This is simply something to be aware of so that you can budget for it accordingly. When budgeting, please also keep in mind that you may need to purchase new shoes and stockings. Our concert is the highlight of the dance year and a wonderful, unforgettable experience for all students! 

Fees are due by the end of the first week of term. Account details for direct deposit: Account Name: Elizabeth Newton

BSB 016610 ACCT 190615953

You are also able to make payment using PayPal/Credit Card - your invoice contains a link to pay online. 

Please be aware that if your child's fees are not paid on time, they will be asked to sit-out of class until their fees are paid. If you require a payment plan, please contact Liz Newton. Payent plans are available for accounts over $400 per Term. 

Attendance: LNDA is a performance school and we are always working on choreography, so attendance is very important and we request that students maintain attendance of at least 80% in each class per term. In the instance of a student being injured and unable to dance, we request that they still attend their class and simply sit out the parts that they cannot do. Many classes have a theory component, quizzes, positioning changes and other important elements that students who are injured can still participate in. Students who miss more than three of any class in one term are required to book a private lesson at the parents expense to be taught the choreography that they have missed. 

When a student is going to be absent, parents should send a text message to inform the teacher in advance. 

Presentation/uniform: Students should arrive to class in uniform, with hair off face and tied back neatly in a pony tail or bun. Jewellery is not permitted except for basic sleepers or stud earrings. 

LNDA uses photos and videos taken during classes for Facebook marketing and on the LNDA Facebook site. If you do not agree to this, you need to inform us in writing at the time of enrolment. 

By enrolling at LNDA, you acknowledge that you have read and accept these policies. 

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