Liz Newton Dance Academy offers quality, affordable, fun dance and fitness classes for children and adults in Carnarvon, WA. LNDA was established in 2014, making 2020 our 7th year in the Gascoyne. We have continued to grow year on year, and continually add new and exciting events to the list of opportunities we provide our students. 

LNDA's teachers are professionally trained, and safety and proper technique is our priority! We also make 'fun' a focus of all of our classes - as we want our students to love every minute of their dance journey! We work hard to make sure students feel engaged, valued and confident, and are learning in a supportive, friendly and safe environment. 

If you are considering joining LNDA in 2020 and would like more information, please email for a 2020 information booklet. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


AT LNDA, we believe that taking dance classes provides more than  training in a  certain dance style, but that it is in many ways training for life! We  believe in being punctual, well presented, respectful, committed, and tenacious  and these are qualities that are incorporated into and encouraged in all LNDA classes. 

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